I’m Jacob Butcher.

My family moved to Alaska in 1996 when I was 9 years old. Having been an Alaska resident for over 25 years, I grew up with the opportunity to experience firsthand, a mix of both homeschool as well as private Christian school. During this time, I invested a high level of effort into my education and earned the title of Valedictorian at graduation. This experience showed the importance of as well as the opportunities for postsecondary education that can be opened through diligent work, accountability, and a drive for excellence.

After high school, I began my career investing in public service as evidenced through my 16 years in Public Safety Emergency Communications, participation in numerous State and Municipal Boards, and most recently campaign for School Board Member.

My attitude has always centered around coming forward with a solution to a problem, not just bringing a problem forward expecting someone else to solve it for you.

My wife and I have been blessed with three sons and two daughters which are enrolled in three separate schools across the Valley from first grade to junior in high school. Our family has been founded and continues to grow in the Judeo-Christian beliefs. Most of our time is spent at school sporting events, hiking, camping, and fishing with the kids.

We all love the opportunities and liberties that can be taken advantage of in Alaska and are heavily invested in increasing and improving those to the best of our ability.


My interest in earning the community’s confidence as a School Board Member has several priorities.

Ensure fiscal responsibility throughout the organization.

With such a high level of community tax dollars being injected into the local education system, it is a priority to ensure those designated funds are being used for their intended purpose. Additionally, oversight to ensure wasteful spending is reeled in, and a conservative fiscally responsible financial plan is developed moving forward.

Exemplifying the highest standard in educational development.

There is no reason that the Mat-Su School District cannot be leaders in raising the bar of expectation when it comes to our children’s education, development, and preparation for entering the work force. Whether this be through basic math, literacy, and engagement, or through creating the needed foundation for trade skills, personal finance education, and postsecondary education preparation, it is important for the young developing minds to know what is expected of them, and how they can rise to meet those expectations.

Prioritize school safety.

Having served in the public safety realm for over 20 years, it is understood that school safety will be forever evolving, however, there are numerous concerns present in today’s environment that can be and must be addressed to maintain the safety and security of the District’s highest responsibility – our children. The school resource officer program is an invaluable asset to the District and must continue to be developed and utilized to its fullest extent which includes opening more opportunity for these industry experts to accomplish exactly what they have been trained and equipped to do.

Maintaining parent choice.

There is no “one size fits all” approach that can encompass the needs of every child from every walk of life especially in a community as diverse as the MatSu. There is an enormous variety of option, curriculum, schools, and alternative educational resources available across this State, and parent choice with appropriate involvement should be the leading factor in the educational path for their children.

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Community Work

Volunteer work began at the age of 13 with the Alaska Peace Officer Association police explorer post #55. I served and eventual lead this group until the age of 19 when I entered public safety as a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

From 2008-2009, I served as a volunteer Police Reserve Officer with the Wasilla Police Department, and have seized multiple other opportunities for public service such as co-chair of the Mat-Su Borough E911 Advisory Board for over 3 years, co-chair, and chair public safety related boards for Governor Dunleavy’s office throughout 2020, and most recently was selected for the State of Alaska 9-1-1 Advisory Board. My work as manager of the local 9-1-1 communications center has provided ample opportunity to work with a variety of municipal, State, and private entity leadership members to forge a path forward in the overall best interests of the community.

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